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Shall a trust level group mention include higher trust levels or not?

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2018-08-03 07:17:27.891Z

If mentioning a built-in trust level group, like @basic_members — does that include higher trust levels or not? To me,@basic_members, sounds as if higher trust levels are not included. However, if someone types @full_members, then that sounds as if higher trust levels, are included?

Maybe, to avoid these confusing things, the autocomplete usernames for group mentions could be like @basic_members_only and @basic_members_and_higher_trust_levels? Then it's pretty clear which people are getting mentioned & notified?

Mentioning such large groups is done so very infrequently (maybe should be allowed for staff only), so having those rather long mentions (@basic_members_and_higher_trust_levels is many characters long), barely matters.

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  1. I did this: If one mentions @new_members or @basic_members, then only those groups are notified. Not @full_members and higher trust levels.

    Because "new members" sounds as if it does not include full members and regular members etc — those aren't new. They are instead a bit long time members.

    However, mentioning @full_members, does notify higher trust levels too. Because "full members" sounds as if includes higher trust levels. After all, a trusted member, is also a full member, of course (but it's not a new member). So maybe then, the least surprising behavior, is to yes include them. And in the same way, @trusted_members includes the higher trust levels: @regular_members and @core_members.

    So everything works the way one would expect it to work, if one didn't know anything about trust levels or that they exist at all.

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    2. Marking as solved — feedback and ideas are still welcome :- ) feel free to post more comments & answers