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Blog comments: The editor can hide the comment one replies to

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2018-08-05 11:32:49.380Z

When adding Talkyard comments to a blog, and clicking Reply: if the blog uses position: absolute for the <div> with the blog post and comments, then Talkyard's editor can appear above the comment one replies to, and one needs to close the editor, to read it (if one needs to refresh one's mind). Thanks Shalabh for reporting this.

Talkyard actually attempts to prevent this, by inserting extra space at the bottom of the page, with the same height as the editor itself. However, when there's position: absolute CSS for the main content & comments <div>, then Talkyard's current approach doesn't work.

What can be done about that: 1) Maybe I can add a config value, so Talkyard can instead insert this placeholder somewhere else (if so configured). Namely, at the bottom of the position: absolute div. Then one would be able to look at the comments at the bottom / the ones one replies to, also when the editor is open. (Example of how it's supposed to work: Go here, scroll to the bottom, and click Reply: — you'll notice you can still read the comments, at the very bottom. )

And 2) I'm looking to later on, enable a Rich Text editor / WYSIWYG editor. It could be inlined directly below the comment one replies to — then, it couldn't occlude anything, any longer.

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