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Add a rich text editor

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2018-08-20 12:06:39.340Z2020-07-08 06:38:45.651Z

Maybe use ProseMirror to build one? It supports both rich text and Markdown, and collaborative editing. Here Atlassian has published an open source editor built on ProseMirror: (found out about that via Reddit).

Background: Talkyard is supposed to be simple to use also for non-tech people, e.g. people in small non-profits or local community neighborhood organizations or a small business in a developing country that runs its Q&A site from a smartphone. Maybe good if they won't need to wonder about what Markdown things like ** and ### means when looking at the smartphone screen, without seeing the preview (because screen too small).

Update 2019-12: Now there's ReMirror, an editor built on ProseMirror — maybe it's easy to use?

Update 2020-07 There's also Rich-markdown-editor,, build on ProseMirror and React.js.

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  1. J
    Jon Altschuler @jonalt
      2020-07-07 20:28:21.840Z

      Couldn't agree more. Any update on this? Would love a simple rich text editor to be built in to TalkYard.

      1. Not planned the nearest time, sorry.

        Just recently (some weeks ago) I stumbled upon another ProseMirror based editor: Rich-markdown-editor (link above), and, since 1) I'm short of time, and 2) don't know if even more ProseMirror based editors will appear "soon" that I'd like to evaluate too, it feels better to wait ... for half a year at least, with rich text in Ty.