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Hamburger top nav dropdown, for mobiles

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2018-08-31 12:19:13.619Z

@someburneraccount wrote: "[we'd like to have a] three stripes menu icon for the mobile page and then just click on it to have the all the menu text appear" — agree with this, I want this too. And, often people don't bother to click the hamburger / three-stripes dropdown menu at all, so they never discover what's inside. Maybe a combination of showing the most important menu items directly in the top nav, so they're visible & can be clicked directly, + the rest (those that won't fit on screen) can be placed inside the hamburger? Hmm.

For example, a small biz, maybe they'd want a link to their "Pricing" page to never get hidden behind the hamburger. Or maybe a non-profit always want "Join us" and "Vision" to always be visible? And an online shop maybe always want their "The store" or "Buy" or "Shop" link to always be visible.

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    Cody @codywarmbo
      2018-09-01 15:47:36.354Z

      The Hambruger/Hotdog/Kebab icon is always nice, but having the words "Menu" or "Navigation" beside that icon makes it much more obvious and likely to be opened. Words guide people much more than icons do. I can't stand to use the icon-based Gmail!

      1. That's a good point — also, something like: " Menu" or " More" is a bit larger and can be easier to click, on mobile.