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Support file uploads to Amazon S3 buckets

By @melanopsis
    2018-09-12 22:51:22.498Z

    It would be really useful to have the ability to upload files directly into AWS S3 buckets. One can currently mount an S3 bucket to a Talkyard instance and direct the uploads there but I am not sure how reliable that would be. Supporting this in the back-end would be beneficial.

    Thank you!

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    1. Ok yes i too would want support for AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage in the backend. And ... the nearest time, I'll be too short of time to look into this.

      Actually for this server, I've mounted, not an S3, but a Google Cloud Storage object storage, at /opt/talkyard/data/uploads/. Works fine this far :- ) The server is placed in Google Compute Cloud. The files are cached by a CDN, in my case.

      Can I ask how large are your files? For example roughly roughly how many % are above 5 MB? And above 50 MB? 500 MB?

      What's the reason you'd like to store in S3, is it because the files are large? You have in mind to download them via Talkyard, or do you want to have users download them directly from S3? (should the file URLs, point to the Talkyard server, which then downloads them from S3 and sends to the user, ... or point directly to S3?)

      1. M@melanopsis
          2018-09-17 17:32:01.740Z

          Yes, large files. We don't currently have anything large enough to cause issues yet but the idea is that large data can be uploaded to S3 via Talkyard but then accessed directly on the bucket or downloaded from the bucket. URLs should point to the Talkyard server, /opt/talkyard/data/uploads would point to s3://bucket/prefix/ instead of a locally mounted volume.