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Change "Users Online" appearance.

By Cody @codywarmbo
    2018-10-01 03:11:32.490Z

    Is it possible to have the users online appear at all times in this 'condensed' form of just the user count? It's what most of my users have requested since the "Online in this forum" breaks to multiple lines and messes with our titlebar.

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    1. Ok maybe I should change, so that that (i.e. number + icon) will be the default. I wonder if people actually read "Online in this forum". So much text .... Maybe a number + user icon makes people more curious? (than descriptive text)

      This makes me wonder if there's something better, than "Recent posts", to show, too, when inside a topic. Hmm. Maybe a comments icon, + a number, namely the number of new comments since one's last visit to the current topic?

      1. CCody @codywarmbo
          2018-10-03 14:54:44.119Z

          On we've implemented the user count only, it looks nice!