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LDAP Login

By @Kevin
    2018-10-16 07:51:48.075Z

    Is it possible to use LDAP Authentication to sign in a user?

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    1. Hi Kevin, LDAP authentication is not currently supported. Can I ask, do you have in mind an on-premise installation, or the SaaS hosting?

      1. NNoor Basha MS @noor_basha
          2022-01-25 12:40:34.582Z

          Hi @KajMagnus , May i know LDAP is possible now in TY?.

          1. Not currently. Except for maybe indirectly via sth like Keycloak and identity federation, not sure if that works with LDAP though.

            How important is LDAP to you? What about OIDC or SAML? (Only OIDC currently supported.)

            What LDAP server do you use? (MS Active Directory? OpenLDAP?) Can I ask, what type of organization are you? (if you want, send me a PM, click my username)


            There was just recently (some weeks ago) yet another organization who asked about LDAP, and I'm thinking LDAP will be supported within 2 – 6 months.

        • K
          In reply toKevin:
            2018-10-18 09:13:28.762Z

            Hi KajMagnus, I want to do a on-premise installation.
            Maybe it's possible to implement LDAP by myself. Does anybody have experience in that?

            1. AAdrián López @adrianlzt
                2018-10-19 11:29:29.351Z

                We want also to integrate with our local LDAP server.
                I have found this:

                Last commit is Jul'2014, I hope it still works

                1. K@Kevin
                    2018-10-19 13:19:33.873Z

                    Thanks Adrian. I'll check this out :)

                2. Progress
                  with doing this idea
                3. Hi @Kevin and @adrianlzt and @melanopsis, I'd like to implement LDAP and Okta authentication, and ... probably will take a while before this happens. I found a Java library that supports LDAP, SAML, Okta, ... seemingly everything one can imagine: ( + OAuth for Gmail, Facebook etc)


                  and asked the developers about why they're building pac4j — it's sort of part of their job; they make money by providing related consultancy services.!topic/pac4j-users/5AfDGrp9n0Y

                  1. @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2018-10-22 13:08:12.368Z.
                  2. pac4j supports Keycloak too: (someone mentioned Keycloack with Talkyard over at Hacker News. ), but Silhouette doesn't (that's the authentication lib Talkyard uses, currently).