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Email Replies (a la Discourse)

By Jerry Koerkenmeier @gkoerk
    2018-11-06 00:05:33.902Z

    Hey gang - currently running Discourse but would love to switch to Talkyard. Does the app currently support email replies directly to the forum? If not, is there any plan to implement this in the future?



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    1. Currently, email replies are not supported. Yes I'd like to implement that in the future, and add a mailing list mode, so Talkyard would work like a mailing list too.

      The following won't happen in the nearest future, but I'd like to also make it possible, to configure mailing list settings, per category. For some categories, on might want to get an email for each new topic only (rather than for each post). And then, if one likes such a topic, one can click a "Subscribe to this topic" link at the bottom of the new-topic email. Then, one gets an email (or many emails?) with the messages that's been posted thus far, in that topic. And thereafter, one message per topic. — Not sure if I will have time to implement this, but ... if it becomes simple enough, for other people to contribute, maybe some day in the future, someone will. Hmm. — Anyway, if you have any thoughts about this, it'd be interesting to hear.

      (You or some people in your community, use Discourse in mailing list mode, I presume?)

      1. GJerry Koerkenmeier @gkoerk
          2018-11-06 14:26:05.889Z

          (You or some people in your community, use Discourse in mailing list mode, I presume?)

          Exactly. Some people can access forums and things from work, but for those who can't, most can use an email response mechanism (assuming it isn't blacklisted).

          I think your ideas are on the right track.

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        • @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2018-11-06 04:05:10.348Z.
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