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Question-Answers for your Open Source project


Sarah wants to use your open source project. She encounters an installation error, and goes to your Talkyard support forum, starts typing a question ... and whilst typing, the software notices that this has been asked already, and shows the solution. Sarah learns how to install your software. You don't have to answer the question again — and get a new user or contributor.

Talkyard reminds of StackOverflow, but is open source. There're Slack like chat channels, for quick questions, or real time collaboration. Plus open-ended discussions, like at HackerNews, for discussing ideas and news. There're blog comments, like Disqus, if you blog about your project.

With a Talkyard Q&A forum at your website, incoming links and traffic boost your search engine rankings. Instead of at StackOverflow, where questions get closed as off-topic. And instead of at GitHub, where your users didn't think about searching for answers among the closed ("invisible") issues. And instead of using Slack, where the messages and solutions are hidden behind a login wall and scroll away and disappear.