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By @forumguy
    2020-02-17 15:30:41.804Z

    Is there any support for right-to-left languages?

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    1. Yes there is. However not yet any actual translations to RTL languages. — Which language do you have in mind?

      1. F@forumguy
          2020-02-18 06:29:51.821Z


          1. Ok :- ) Someone asking about Hebrew some months ago, is actually the reason why I started adding RTL support

            Actually, what if I copy-paste some Google Translate Hebrew texts into Talkyard, then you can have a quick look at how it can look.
            Probably a new version will be ready in ... the 2nd half of next week.

            1. F@forumguy
                2020-02-20 05:52:04.391Z

                Amazing, we can try that. But will it include RTL in the editor also?

                1. RTL in the editor — yes (as far as I can remember, this was some months ago).

                  Actually, thanks to using Stylus (a CSS preprocessor), I found a way to "flip" everything left-to-right, almost without doing any changes to the CSS.

                  1. F@forumguy
                      2020-02-24 04:22:43.136Z

                      OK I see, it's only availiable when the whole forum is configured RTL, not as an option configurable in the editor even in the english version of the forum?

                      1. That's right. Currenly, either the whole forum is RTL for everyone, or it's LTR for everyone, and the editor cannot be configured independently.

                        I'm wondering in which cases can it be useful to configure the editor in "the opposite way", say, RTL, although the forum is LTR? ...

                        ... Maybe if one posts a text in e.g. Hebrew or Arabic, to an English speaking forum?
                        And the forum has automatic translation features? So other members see one's message in English?
                        (and they could click a button to view the original-language version)

                        1. F@forumguy
                            2020-02-24 19:24:06.041Z2020-02-24 19:57:45.328Z

                            (you wote)

                            I'm wondering in which cases can it be useful to configure the editor in "the opposite way", say, RTL, although the forum is LTR? ...
                            ... Maybe if one posts a text in e.g. Hebrew or Arabic, to an English speaking forum?

                            Thats exactly what I mean while posting Hebrew or Arabic on a regular forum it would come up the "right" way (doesn't need translation).

                            1. Now there's a tiny bit Hebrew available. If you have a site here at Talkyard .net, then you can go to the admin area, Settings, Langage, and choose: "Hebrew — for trying out RTL. Only a few words translated".

                              If you decide to try this out, it'd be interesting to hear how it looks / works for you


                              About only the editor in RTL, but the rest in LTR:

                              Would people with an RTL editor, sort of always write in Hebrew, in your case? Or they would sometimes write in English also?

                              What about a quick-switch between RTL and TRL, only in the editor, like an RTL checkbox?
                              Or what if Talkyard could look at the 1st letter in the text, and if it's RTL, then make all text in the editor RTL?


                              What about the other people in the forum — they're typically bi-lingual (tri- ?), and understand both English and Hebrew? (And Arabic too sometimes?)

                              So it'd be generally fine for everyone, with >= 2 languages in parallel in the forum, in the same discussions?

                              Interesting use case, hadn't heard this before, about only the editor in RTL
                              and many languages in parallel (if I got that right) :- )

                              1. F@forumguy
                                  2020-03-01 15:51:29.034Z

                                  OK, just got to your reply.. Yes you got it correctly!

                                  I'm talking abt people who will use in topics /replies Hebrew and English interchangeably, some time only english sometimes only hebrew, (and sometimes even both in one topic/reply...), but I want the forum language to be English.

                                  The best pathway in my opinion is the one you said with a possibility for admin to enable a RTL button in the editor [like microsoft word has, that you can enable for each paragraph or the whole thing] (maybe also with detection of the first word, but also with the possibility to override it with RTL button?).

                                  Thanks again for taking all advice...

                                  1. In reply toKajMagnus:
                                      2020-04-02 20:08:40.424Z

                                      Hi Thanks for making the RTL support.
                                      Is there any proper way to make the translation? I can suggest proper Hebrew translations at least for the Hebrew Comments for Blogs feature.
                                      I can also just drop the suggestions here, lmk.

                                      1. In reply toKajMagnus:
                                          2020-04-02 20:38:54.980Z

                                          and btw the only thing which seems wrong so far is the online indicator (this blue dot, I assume that's an online indicator, not sure):

                        2. Progress
                        3. @forumguy and @shmuel — FYI: you're both interested in Hebrew, it'd be a bit weird if you accidentally submitted translations at the same time both of you.

                          (Sorry @shmuel for accidentally having placed your posts in a half approved state somehow so that they didn't appear here yet.
                          And @forumguy for my late reply (in the direct messages chat))