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Add OAUTH Provider - SQRL

By @Mardeg
    2020-03-06 16:53:05.306Z

    Run by Jose C Gomez - - is an OAUTH provider based on the SQRL protocol:

    Other sites that have used this service include

    More about SQRL -
    SQRL help forum -

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    1. SQRL ... I just read a bit about it — and it's by Steve Gibson, the ShieldsUP! guy :- )
      I remember the ShieldsUp website from long ago, I used it to port scan my computer.

      2013 Gibson proposed SQRL[22] as a way to simplify the process of authentication without the risk of revelation of information about the transaction to a third party.

      Some time later, Talkyard will have support for generic OAuth providers somehow, and OpenID Connect.
      Could this be used to make SQRL OAuth work?

      Otherwise I think SQRL and Gomez' OAuth for SQRL don't have enough traction, as of now, for me to think it's time to add support to Talkyard. ... And too many other things to do.

      I'm curious about how you know about SQRL and if you use it yourself for something?

      1. Progress
        with doing this idea
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