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Consider making likes more visible

By Christian Scheuer @chrscheuer
    2020-03-25 09:36:51.581Z

    When I like something myself, it's very visible thanks to the red heart.
    But if somebody else likes my post, 99% of the time I don't realize it, since I don't get notified about it and it visually is pretty dimmed.
    Perhaps once the notification system becomes revamped to work more like Facebook's (group notifications for the same thread together, better algorithms for detecting when a notification has been read, etc.), it would make sense to add like notifications.
    and - perhaps more importantly - it would make sense to make other people's likes more visible. It's a nice way for people to give feedback, and it helps make the community become warmer towards each other IMO.

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    1. Good ideas — I've been thinking about adding Like notifications. I like the other things you mention — making the Likes more visually visible too. Maybe Like:s of one's own post could be bright red? (not not dark red, that'd be posts one has liked oneself). And the text "1 Like" could be .. maybe bold, and/or in a bit color.

      I'll need to add You-got-approved notifications for Approve-new-member communities, and I can look into adding Like notifications at the same time

      1. In reply tochrscheuer:

        In the upcoming version, one will get notified about the first Like of each new post by oneself.

        I'm thinking if you replied to person X, then, if X Likes your reply, that'd sort of always? be good to know about
        — because in a way, that Like is a reply to you?, just that it's very brief, and in the shape of a Like. ( & sort of ends that thread, unless the other person writes something too)

        1. In reply tochrscheuer:

          This now implemented: get notified about the first Like, and deployed to Prod (yesterday). So maybe you (Christian) and others will get some Like notifications now soon?

          1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer
              2020-09-25 20:57:54.626Z

              This is AWESOME! (Minus the issue I reported with now many different notification threads in my Gmail)

              1. In reply toKajMagnus:
                JPhilip @jakob
                  2022-06-17 10:30:01.971Z

                  Hey @KajMagnus ,

                  For a scientific project, this exact feature is a problem for us. Of course everyone has different requirement. Therefore I wonder if it would not be an option to define either as administrator (global) or on group level if such a first email should be sent on Like or not?


                  1. Hi Philip @jakob, Am I understanding this correctly, that some people in your community, want to get notified soon / directly about the first Likes, but others only want to get notified once a day or even less often? Maybe they would want a summary email once a week, for example, or not at all.

                    define either as administrator (global) or on group level if such a first email should be sent on Like or not?

                    Yes, that'd be a good feature to have. — I think that can be a separate topic here in the forum, I can create one later (unless you do first).

                    I wonder if it'd make sense to make Like votes configurable per category, just like reply notifications are configurable per category. If, implementation wise, it's equally simple. — Let's say a teacher teaches subject AAA in category AAA, and wants to know about likes in category AAA, directly. But this teacher isn't that interested in BBB and CCC and want fewer Like notifications from those categories. I'm guessing that this flexibility isn't needed though, hmm.

                    B.t.w. this seems a bit related to:

                    which reduces the amount of notifications from @mentions. Whilst this topic is for Likes.

                    1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer
                        2022-06-20 13:41:51.092Z

                        Hi Magnus,

                        Just to clarify on the quote from my other thread. That thread – about limiting the ability to tag/mention certain users – is not about reducing notifications but about making it impossible to tag/mention certain users in the first place. There's a very big difference on the UX of this. I specifically don't wish for users to think they've tagged me and then I'll be able to silence the notification. That would lead to a very bad UX where it appears I just ignore tags. The implementation we're after is to make it impossible to tag me in the first place, so the user doesn't mistakenly believe they have a direct line.

                        1. Ok yes, that's what I had in mind — I'll reply in the other topic with more thoughts ... Here: Limit ability to tag/mention certain users #post-8

                          1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer
                              2022-06-20 18:38:26.970Z

                              Nice, thank you.

                              Wrt the topic of this thread, I agree with Philip/@jakob that getting emails for likes is a bit too much. I still like to see likes in my notifications list but the emails are a bit over the top. Not sure how to best fix it though.

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