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End impersonation mode

By Andreas Pieber @pieber
    2020-03-26 21:17:40.006Z

    I've tried the impersonate mode but can no longer exit it. Is there some hidden trick?

    Thank you very much and kind regards,

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Delete browser cookies (for that site).

      Or (if you don't know how to do that), start a different browser.

      Sorry about the troubles. Probably there should be a button like "Stop impersonating" and/or "Back" so you won't need to do anything yourself.

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      1. PAndreas Pieber @pieber
          2020-03-27 20:58:35.414Z

          Thank you very much for the prompt response! Actually, I simply haven't thought about it. Especially since I wasn't sure if it was something just in the cookies or an account thing. Luckily, just after writing the message the timeout hit me anyhow, and after logging in again everything was as usual. But yeah, I agree that a "Stop impersonating" button would definitively be the most obvious and user-friendly solution.

          1. Ok :- ) I've now added that "Stop impersonating" button.

            ( + just wrote some end-to-end test and discover another corner case cannot-stop-impersonating bug :- P )