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IE 11 not working

By Andreas Pieber @pieber
    2020-04-09 12:28:47.819Z

    I'm not sure if IE11 is not supported by purpose, or if it's just an accident? It's just a pity that many of our users are working in predefined environments and cannot choose to upgrade the environment.

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    1. It's an accident — what doesn't work in IE11? At the same time, I haven't included IE11 in the automatic tests, so could be that lots of things don't work.

      Not impossible there are some quick fixes that could make at least basic things work in IE11.

      I'm curious about who are the users in predefined IE11 environments

      1. PAndreas Pieber @pieber
          2020-04-12 17:56:17.009Z

          I think there are "just" some shims missing. For example the first error message I get is "SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'startsWith'"

          1. Wow, IE11 has sth like 1% or 2% browser market share, that's fairly much I think. It'd be nice if IE11 could work — maybe I can give this a quick look, later when I setup some automatic testing with Safari & Edge (and not only Chrome + FF).

            Thanks for the startsWith info.

            1. PAndreas Pieber @pieber
                2020-04-20 14:20:47.814Z

                The Problem is especially that mostly enterprise customers are still relying on IE11...

                Automatic tests would be great! Typically getting something modern IE11 compatible is just a matter of a view shims (hopefully at least)..

          2. In reply topieber:

            Closing this; no time to fix, and Google Search is dropping support for IE 11:


            Google Search [...] has finally dropped support for Internet Explorer 11

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