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How use Talkyard with

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-04-25 07:26:38.902Z2020-04-25 12:14:57.427Z

@bramscher posted a question about and Talkyard: (here)

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  1. @bramscher The body type needs to be JSON.

    A Basic Authorization header is needed — have a look here: (I forgot to document this until now, sorry).

    The ?: should not be included in the parameters — that's actually Typescript notation. The values, e.g. the email address, should be like (but not string; ).

    The other APIs you've connected with previously, do you know what they were called? If they had names like OpenID Connect, or Basic Auth, or OAuth2? Or if they were custom built APIs? (didn't have any standard names?)

    1. BCraig Bramscher @bramscher
        2020-04-25 15:28:25.037Z

        Hi, thanks that is very helpful.

        Every API seems a bit different, but I have used most of these types, allowed by

        Usually I get it working in Postman first to confirm and then move it over to

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        In reply toKajMagnus:
        Craig Bramscher @bramscher
          2020-04-25 16:29:14.154Z

          Okay, I generated the key but I am still unable to connect. If I specify Basic Auth, it is looking for a username and password. I don't apparently have a BASE64 option. Do you have a working POSTMAN of an api connection to talkyard I could look at?

          1. I don't, but maybe I could look into this a day now soon