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Make it possible to re-configure Talkyard to be for blog comment only

By @stuart
    2020-05-15 19:18:41.789Z2020-05-21 08:58:06.765Z

    [Edit by admin] I changed the title from "How can I configure and use as blog comment system only?",
    and changed topic type to Idea, instead of a question. Original question below. [/Edit]

    Is there any documentation? I dont know where is de developer documentation, or how i have to configure only for this goal. I think, after configuration, i have to embbed some code in blog, but where is it? Thanks for all.

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    1. B
      Helge Walter @bewalticus
        2020-05-17 13:24:30.722Z

        I found an option to disable the forum features in the admin settings but it is grayed out. It says that this cannot be deactivated once the forum features are used. Unluckily it seems that forum feature use is part of the installation procedure. I also want to use only the blog commenting feature. I have a fresh install of Talkyard.

        Maybe there is someone who can help here.

        1. I found an option to disable the forum features in the admin settings but it is grayed out

          You're self hosted? Then yes the forum features currently get enabled by default. The blog visitors don't see any of those things though — except that they can see a list of the discussions at your blog, on the forum page. So, you might want to "Unlist" the categories in the forum. See my other reply to Stuart here.

          it is grayed out

          Yes, at least for now, the reason is: "Forum features" include creating categories for Ideas and Questions — and it seemed a bit risky to undo that, because that would include deleting those categories. But deleting things, to disable forum features, seemed a bit risky to me. So I didn't implement that (that's why the button is grayed out).

          But what if one could disable all forum features, except for also deleting those categories? That would be safe. Hmm.

          1. BHelge Walter @bewalticus
              2020-05-20 13:28:28.842Z

              Maybe you can show a warning that all forum content is deleted and let the user confirm it.

              1. Seems like a good idea — also, categories are soft-deleted, so they can be un-deleted.

                I'll change this topic to type Idea and status "Plan to do" — namely plan to soft-delete all forum categories, if one disables forum features.

          2. In reply tostuart:

            You configure blog comments here: https:// talkyard site address /-/admin/settings/embedded-comments

            Type the URL to your blog, then Save all changes and then you'll see buttons where you can choose blog type, and you'll get HTML to copy-paste.

            You're self hosted? Then, currently, forum related buttons are always visible. However only you see them — not the blog visitors. You can go to the forum, click View categories, then Edit category below the category title, and make the categories "Unlisted" — if you don't want blog visitors to see a list of all discussions at your blog.

            1. BHelge Walter @bewalticus
                2020-05-20 13:26:07.298Z

                I unlisted all the categories.
                Thanks for the advice.

              • Progress
                with doing this idea
              • @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2020-05-21 08:52:16.333Z.
              • Hi Stuart and Helge, I'd like to make it possible to go to the Admin Area, Settings | Features, and disable Forum features
                — and thereby soft-delete all forum-only stuff and reconfigure Talkyard to be for blog comments only.

                It'll take long before this gets implemented (no point in waiting for that).

                1. S
                    2020-05-29 17:41:47.436Zreplies toKajMagnus:

                    OKEY!! Thanks a lot!