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CSS (presumably) issue w/ embedded comments (probably just my mistake, will update if not)

By Max @XertroV
    2020-06-27 15:00:49.553Z

    The just the docs theme for jekyll (popular with docs, as I gather) seems to have a css issue with the comments snippet.

    Exact code at the time:

    PS. this aside, talkyard is awesome, 👍👍

    Aw sweet, I saved the page I screen capped (or a page with the issue at least) and looks like the .zip attachment worked. Hope it helps. (501.46 kB)

    Solved in post #4, click to view
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    1. X
      Max @XertroV
        2020-06-28 04:40:05.339Z

        I might have made a mistake - it could be that I broke the CSS before hand and didn't check before adding talkyard. So, I don't think the snippet broke things. Sorry about that!

        1. Hi Max, thanks for the followup

          (Looks as if there's possibly some position: fixed / absolute issue with the layout, in the screenshot above)

          (Feel free to close this issue if it's no longer a problem)

          1. XMax @XertroV
              2020-06-29 04:10:28.174Z

              I think the issue ended up being that I'd copied some of the _includes/_layout over to add in my repo to add the include talkyard-comments (was using the github pages remote_theme thing) and there was an inconsistency between the last version used as a remote theme and what they had in master. I realised something was wrong once I'd removed the talkyard-comments includes and my text was still all over the shop.

              Once I copied over all the layout/includes files formatting was fine again, and adding the comments worked great. Thanks for your reply, and hope I didn't waste any of your time.