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Email login handling has problem with "." in it

By Zhen Zhang @izgzhen
    2020-07-09 06:03:44.057Z

    Say I signed up with "", it seems that I can't log in with "", despite they are essentially the same.

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    1. Talkyard doesn't know if the email provider considers and the same address. I think Gmail does, but others, I don't know.

      If Talkyard assumed the addresses are the same, but in fact they're not (the email provider thinks) that'd make it possible to hijack someone else's account.

      You can add more email addresses (e.g. the one without a .) if you go to your user profile page (here at Ty .io it's: )
      and click Add email address. However maybe this won't let you actually log in with that other address — I don't immediately remember.

      (Any ideas about how to improve how this works?
      Maybe an admin configurable list of email providers that ignore . ?)

      1. Progress
        with handling this problem
      2. @KajMagnus closed this topic 2020-09-18 08:33:31.499Z.