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Are other languages than English supported?

By Vsevolod Suschevskiy @vvseva
    2020-09-02 17:03:23.359Z2020-09-04 06:36:22.724Z

    Original title: А есть ли поддержка другого языка?

    проверка поддержки нескольких языков (не обращайте внимание

    — That means sth like: "check for multi-language support (ignore)"

    Edited by KajMagnus: I renamed the title to English, and added the above English translation. (Previously, everything was in Russian)

    Solved in post #2, click to view

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    1. Hello Vsevolod. Currenty one's whole Talkyard site needs to be in the same language. So, it's e.g. English everywhere. Or, say, Russian everywhere.

      Talkyard has been translated to Russian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Latvian and a bit Hebrew, this far (September 4, 2020). But all translations are a bit incomplete or out-of-date (because of changes I've made in Talkyard, without the translations getting updated).

      Some time in the future, it'll be possible (admin config setting) to write posts in any language, and Talkyard will save them in the original langauge, and automatically translate to the site's main language.

      For example, you could have posted this topic just like you did, in Russian — and it'd appear in Russian for people who speak Russian, and in English, for those who don't.

      1. VVsevolod Suschevskiy @vvseva
          2020-09-05 11:44:21.656Z

          Oh, God!

          Many thanks for your answer!

          For some reason, I thought that this is a demo forum, so I tried just to type something in Russian and test the search.
          I am extremely sorry.

          1. Oh that's fine — it's a good question anyway (once translated :- ))

            (There is a demo forum: )

          2. In reply toKajMagnus:
            Rafał Łożyński @Ralphocean
              2020-12-16 15:58:28.156Z

              What about translating emails? We found inviteEmail.scala.html file for example but how to create Polish version of it?
              BTW: We have i18n.ts (Polish) updated to the newest version. What we should do with it?

              1. About i18n.ts: If you're used to using GitHub — can you open a pull request to update this file: ? (note: that's a different Git repository than Talkyard's main repo. I'm going to rename it from ty-cla to ty-translations)

                Otherwise, sending me the translations file via email can also work.

                There's a CLA, Contributors' License Agreement:


                About emails: Right now, there's no way to translate emails. But there definitely needs to be a way to do that. I'll think about that and I'll try to reply to you later this week. (Remind me if I don't :- ))

                (Or if you have any thoughts about emails and how to translate, it'd be interesting to hear)

                1. Rafał Łożyński @Ralphocean
                    2020-12-17 16:52:18.170Z

                    I've sent you private message with my emails. I can send you updated "i18n.ts" file.

                    We can do emails translation to redirect for example "invite" folder (if exist in "translations" folder) with files:

                    • inviteAcceptedEmail.scala.html
                    • inviteEmail.scala.html
                    • welcomeSetPasswordEmail.scala.html
                      "invite" folder can be placed inside "pl_PL" folder.
                      I can send you these files translated to Polish.
                    1. Thanks! I replied to the message.

                      Thanks for writing about the emails — actually, I think a different approach will be needed. Namely having the emails as text (or Markdown) files, with variable placeholders. That's simpler for people to edit when the server is running — without having to recompile.

                      I'll try to write a bit more about how that can work, later this week.