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Dark mode fix?

By Boris Giba @BorisGiba
    2020-10-02 16:58:29.893Z

    Hey, it's me again.

    So I setup TalkYard on my Website and it works really well. I added the dark style-css you posted here:

    and looking at the page works great. However, when adding a comment or hovering over icons it still is white (see image). I could not edit the css of the editor field. So f.e. if I try to change the style of "#editor-after-borders" it does nothing.
    I looked at the roadmap and saw that themeing has been a point on that. I know you have a lot of work to do, so I just wanted to ask, if there is some documentation available for the element names and/or when you plan to tackle themeing (this year still?). Dark mode would be pretty important for me since my website is mostly dark, so I really appreciate any feedback you can give.
    Again, I know you probably have lots of work, so no pressure, I just want to be able to plan a little bit.

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    1. I think I can fix the editor CSS, in a new version, this week or next week. Thereafter, making a dark themed editor should work. (Seems like just a <style ...> tag I forgot to include in the editor <iframe>.)

      I'll have a look at the hover-over-icons white color thing.

      (Documentation: Not yet, not more than in the "Changing the colors" topic you found.
      Theming: Now finishing OIDC, then, tags & Slack & Mattermost integration, then maybe theming.
      I think, though, that once the custom CSS works in the editor too, that's all that's needed — just that writing custom CSS is harder.)

      1. BBoris Giba @BorisGiba
          2020-10-05 16:30:54.587Z

          Ok, thank you for the reply! Let me (or us, I'll keep track of the forum) know when the CSS is working in the editor.

          1. Probably on Friday, about to fix now

            1. Hi @BorisGiba now the CSS styles work also inside the editor (if you're hosted at Ty .net — I'll bump the self hosted version tomorrow or on Tuesday).

              I added this sample code section: /* Embedded blog comments editor (it's in its own <iframe> ) at the end of the Changing the colors dark theme reply.

              1. BBoris Giba @BorisGiba
                  2020-10-22 08:45:33.844Z

                  Thank you!!
                  It works like a charm :)

                  1. Ok, I'll close this topic for now then? Feel free to reopen if there's somethign more

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