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Server recommendation for 100 users

By Jeff M @phoenix
    2020-11-06 17:23:00.339Z

    What server configuration would you recommend for 100 users?

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    1. 100 daily active users? I'd use a VPS with 4 GB RAM 2 (v)CPU server, but since RAM doesn't cost that much I'd probably use 6 GB RAM just in case the community will grow.

      (2 GB should work too, but then there's a little bit little memory available for ElasticSearch — there're two Java Virtual Machines in Talkyard: the application server, and ElasticSearch.)

      1. P
        In reply tophoenix:
        Jeff M @phoenix
          2020-11-09 14:06:03.107Z

          Thank you! Another question, it looks like users are able to upload and share different types of data (for example, images, videos, word & excel documents). Is there a way to configure which mime types are disallowed? For example, we don't want our users to be able to upload images & videos, but not anything else.

          1. Right now, there's no way to configure that. You'd like to specify allowed mimetypes (rather than file suffixes)?

            What about radio buttons / checkboxes: [ ] Allow images, [ ] Allow non-executable attachments, [ ] Allow all types of attachments.

            Or there could be a text field, where you can type a list of allowed mime types? One per line. However most people who tried to use this, would probably forget one or more image mime types I suppose.

            If there's a file with an okay mimetype, but the wrong file suffix, say, an image/png but with ... No suffix? Or a .pdf suffix or something weird — I suppose then it's ok to reject those files.

            1. PJeff M @phoenix
                2020-11-11 19:10:47.686Z

                I think your checkboxes would be sufficient. [ ] Allow Images & Video would be the only change I would think. We specifically would not want Microsoft Office documents to be shared using Talkyard.

                1. Microsoft Office documents

                  Because they can contain scripts? Security risk? (Or sth else? if it's ok that I ask)

                  1. PJeff M @phoenix
                      2020-11-11 19:43:28.323Z

                      Security & Process/Legal risk.