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Notification drop down - reduce clicks?

By Christian Scheuer @chrscheuer
    2020-11-08 11:31:46.461Z

    Hi Magnus,

    Now that we have global preferences for notifications for topics we have participated in - YAY!!! - I find myself wanting to often quickly switch off notifications from a thread. This may sound like the opposite of before - in fact, it's that when I know a certain topic is already being adequately addressed by other forum members, I no longer have to get as many notifications from that topic.

    So - these days I often find myself wanting to manually turn the thread/page to "Hushed".
    However, today this requires 3 mouse clicks - this seems redundant.

    I first have to click all the way to the right on the drop down arrow, to open up the notifications foldout.
    Then, I have to click the actual dropdown, and finally, in the popup, I can click the thing I wanted.

    Would there be a way to speed up this process so it just requires 2 mouse clicks, or even better, just a single one?
    Perhaps even have the ability to use a keyboard shortcut for it?

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    1. Would there be a way to speed up this process so it just requires 2 mouse clicks, or even better, just a single one?

      In what situation do you typically notice that now it's time to change Notification Level to Hushed? Maybe if that tends to happen after you've done a certain thing, then, a shortcut button could appear, after having done that thing (incl keyboard shortcut for power users)

      (Maybe after having replied? Or followed a notification link, and seen someone else's reply to what you wrote? Maybe they replied to you "Thanks now it works", then, time to hush the topic)

      1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer
          2020-11-08 20:00:38.387Z

          It's most often after having clicked on a notification (either on the user drop down or directly from an email) - I'd then see that things are going ok and I'm no longer needed.

          IMO, the first click (to open up the drawer) feels redundant regardless. There's no reason UI wise to not just be able to click directly to open up the dropdown.


          Cannot be clicked in its full length, which feels weird. You can only click on the text or the arrow, and 90% of the time I click somewhere where it doesn't do what I expect.
          After you've clicked it, you also cannot easily make it go away again. So as a drawer it feels 100% redundant. Just show the dropdown directly - that alone would save a click.

          Keyboard shortcuts to open the drop downs, change status of threads, etc., would be absolutely amazing.

          1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-11-10 05:43:02.036Z2020-11-10 05:53:45.409Z

            Ok yes I agree that that's an extra pointless click.

            Keyboard shortcuts — I started thinking about that. What's on my mind is e.g. n h for Notifications: Hush. And m n and m d for "view My Notifications" and "view My Drafts", and g ac for "Go to recently ACtive topics" and g ad for "Go to ADmin Area" and g n for "Go to Newest topics", and g mo for "Go to MOderation page", etc, and / for search, and ... Maybe a Vim like scroll within the local page mode (that's very simple to exit from, so one won't get "stuck" like can happen in ex). here's the old shortcuts topic:

            1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer
                2020-11-10 10:21:22.305Z

                Those shortcut ideas sound perfect to me!