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Translate to Dutch

By Rudi Bloes @rudibloesart
    2020-12-07 08:51:18.589Z

    I would like to translate Talkyard to Dutch.
    I am on GitHub. But how does it work? How can I contribute?
    I suppose to copy a directory and put a new file with the translation?
    How to do that? I try to figure out GitHub, ...

    Many thanks,

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    1. Rudi Bloes @rudibloesart
        2020-12-07 14:10:01.132Z

        I downloaded the files. I have already started translating i18n.ts to Dutch, up to line 595 now. On my computer it is in a folder called nl_NL.

        1. Ok :- )

          Later when you open a PR, can you please do that against the GitHub repository ty-cla?
          I'm going to rename it to ty-translations, and that's where the translations are (except for English and maybe one more language, which I'll move to there).

          In this directory:, if you create a nl_NL sub directory with the translation file.


          I'm surprised myself that there can be so many language specific texts in an app like Talkyard,
          I'd thought there'd be just ... "Reply", "Create topic" and some more but like you noticed, it's ... almost 1000 maybe o.O

          1. Rudi Bloes @rudibloesart
              2020-12-07 16:14:06.070Z

              I will do my best. Thank you for this program, it's perfect to add comments to my static blog. But I saw that it can do much more than that. :-)

              1. Hello Rudi, if it's a bit much work to learn how Git and GitHub works, just to add the translations, you can also send them to me via email, for example, and I can add them myself, and mention you did the translation, in the Git commit log.

                (There's a CLA one needs to agree too — Contributors' License Agreement, here: )

                1. Rafał Łożyński @Ralphocean
                    2020-12-17 12:31:22.579Z

                    Hello Guys,
                    I prepared Polish translation but it's not only the file i18n.ts. How to prepare the translation of email messages eg. invite message included in inviteEmail.scala.html?

                    1. Is it the invite email, in particular, that's the most interesting email to translate to Polish?

                      I replied here otherise about the emails:

            • Progress
            • Rudi Bloes @rudibloesart
                2020-12-07 14:35:13.658Z

                found this: I will look how to do this tommorow.

                1. Rudi Bloes @rudibloesart
                    2020-12-21 10:05:21.685Z

                    I did the PR.First time I do this. If somethings not working. Let me know.
                    I see that there is something to do with email too? Will look for that later if possible.
                    Thank you for adding Dutch translation.

                    Question: Can I use two languages on one website?

                    1. Hi Rudi, I replied in the direct message. (And, currently many languages pre site is not supported. But it's a good idea, for a multilingual blog)

                      there is something to do with email too?

                      I don't understand :- )

                      1. Rudi Bloes @rudibloesart
                          2020-12-22 08:28:17.976Zreplies toKajMagnus:

                          Thank you,
                          something email:
                          Referring to the polish comment.about inviteEmail.scala.html.

                          1. Rudi Bloes @rudibloesart
                              2021-01-02 09:55:28.690Z

                              Hi Magnus
                              I have seen that the translation to Dutch was merged to ty-cla. Thank you for this.
                              Will it be available on Talkyard too? For now I am going to use Talkyard with a monthly plan.
                              So this would be very nice.
                              Thank you :)

                              1. Hi Rudi, I'll upgrade the production Docker images later today (or tomorrow) and thereafter Dutch will be available for you to use.
                                Thanks for translating :- )