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CORS error while loading Blog Comments

By @piyushpaliwal
    2020-12-29 13:39:58.410Z

    I have my blog running at and I'm trying to use Talkyard for the first time. The moment page loads, console is bombarded with multiple CORS error upon trying to load the fonts.

    Is there any setting that I may have missed which is leading to this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. It's a bug — I forgot a CORS header for the fonts. Will be fixed in the upcoming version.

      Nothing you can do. Thanks anyway for reporting the problem

      1. P@piyushpaliwal
          2020-12-29 15:19:43.098Z

          Thanks for the prompt response @KajMagnus.

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          In reply topiyushpaliwal:
            2021-01-11 16:13:23.554Z

            Hi @KajMagnus, would you be able to provide any ETA around the fix for it?

            1. Should be fixed in the next time I deploy a new version. Most likely in a few days or later this week.

              I fixed the main issue, but forgot (the last time) to update the assets versioning URL to /-/fonts/open-sans-v2/open-sans.min.css (instead of -v1 — doing manually for fonts since they change ... only once every few years or so), so the old font CSS file is still cached by the CDN.

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              with handling this problem
            3. @KajMagnus marked this topic as Started 2020-12-29 14:14:09.547Z.