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By Max @nanodeath
    2021-02-09 16:39:44.725Z

    Ty is open source, but is it "open for contributions"? There's not much documentation for prospective contributors, besides CONTRIBUTING.adoc, and Issues are disabled in GitHub. If I wanted to pick something up, how would one do that? (And I can see that all but two commits come from a single person, so...perhaps this is a good broader discussion 😊)

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    1. Good question. Can I please reply during the weekend

      1. In reply tonanodeath:
        KajMagnus @KajMagnus2021-02-22 20:23:34.491Z2021-02-22 23:14:00.047Z

        Ok. Are contributions welcome, my thoughts right now: (sorry if this might seem a bit blunt)

        • Tiny and small contributions: Yes somewhat likely. From the Ty core developers' perspective: It'd be really good to know that others can easily get the development environment up and running, and not so much work for the core devs to code review.

        • One time medium or large size contributions: In most cases (but not all !), probably not a good idea? I suspect it would take more time for the Talkyard core developers, to talk with the contributors about how to structure the code, and for the Ty core devs to code review and give feedback via GitHub, than to do all of it themselves.

        • Many >= medium size contributions. This can work fine — since the contributors would get used to working in the Ty code base, without depending that much on the Ty core devs. I don't see, though, why anyone would do this without getting paid?

        (What is tiny, small, medium and large? I'm not sure, also, it'd depend on the feature or bug fix. Maybe tiny and small are about 10 and 100 lines, medium is 1 000 and large is 10 000?)