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Topics pinned to all categories not shown in other categories

By Max @nanodeath
    2021-02-09 16:50:52.688Z

    If I pin a topic and mark it as pin in The whole forum, all categories, I'd expect it to appear pinned even if I drill down into a particular category. For example, I have a Rules topic I want pinned in every category. Instead, it only appears if I'm browsing the topic list for all categories. Is this a bug, or is this working as expected?

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. It works as intended — and maybe this text: "The whole forum, all categories" is a bit ambiguous and slightly misleading, as follows:

      The topic is placed in one specific category, and if you visit that category, it's pinned there (obviously).
      It's also pinned in the forum topic list, /forum/, if viewing topics from all categories.

      But if you select a category in the category drop down (i.e. drill down into a specific category), the topic is not pinned there — it doesn't exist in that category at all. (Well, unless it's the topic's own category.)

      So, All Categories can be interpreted in 2 ways: 1) Drilling down into any category ("all categories"?).
      Or 2) when listing topics from all categories. But only 2) is what I had in mind.


      Text that should be visible always (like the forum rules), can instead be placed in the forum intro text — that text is shown at the top, in all categories (it's the blue box at the top, that starts with "Here you can ask questions ..." here: /forum/. )