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German translation done

By Marco Jakobs @marco
    2021-02-10 12:40:05.401Z

    Hi @KajMagnus

    you seem to be the master of desaster when it comes to translations ;-)

    I think Talkyard is the best solution for adding comments to websites done with Ghost, thank you for sharing this great project. Unfortunately I need it in German frontend language, so I've done and contributed a full German Translation (informal "Du" version).

    Please find my Pull Request #71 in your GitHub repo.

    As far as I see I can't add it to my installation without some work from your side, so please kindly inform me when I can update my installation to use it. :-)

    Let me know if you have any questions or need more ...

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    1. Hi Marco, thanks for the translation (!). I'll have a look during the weekend

      (B.t.w. I want to be the Master of both Desaster and Disaster too :- )
      This is really going to make Googlebot confused, what is this site about actually o.O :- ))

      1. MMarco Jakobs @marco
          2021-02-12 18:14:34.937Z

          Lol, there comes the German phrase after a day of translations ;-) Thanks for taking care of my contribution!

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          In reply tomarco:
          Marco Jakobs @marco
            2021-03-15 18:44:39.176Z

            Hi @KajMagnus,

            is there any ETA for the release which includes my German translation? I've seen you've merged that some weeks ago, but still there is no release version ..

            Thank you!

            1. Oh sorry I forgot to message you about that. The version with the German translation got released a week ago (or even two?).

              So if you go to: https://your talkyard site/-/admin/settings/language you should see German in the dropdown.

              (Seems I'll need to set aside 1 hour each day, to reply to people and write release notes.)

              (Thanks for contributing the translation)

              1. MMarco Jakobs @marco
                  2021-03-15 19:54:47.593Z

                  Great, indeed ... there it is :-)

                  I saw some small issues and a typo in my first overview, in which repo do I need to correct this (still worried about the separate translation repo)

                  1. It's this repo: (I recently renamed it from ty-cla to ty-translations).