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How to run a Talkyard for embedded comments only (disable forum features)

By Marco Jakobs @marco
    2021-02-10 16:41:22.126Z


    I want to set up a Talkyard instance for handling embedded comments for my websites only. There is a feature flag in Admin -> Settings -> Features -> Enable discussion forum which can't be disabled once activated.

    I would like to disable this for the commenting-only purpose. Unfortunately it's activated by default right after Talkyard is set up :-(

    I did not find a config line in "play-framework.conf" as well to disable this flag during installation.

    How can I change the instance to handle embedded comments only?

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    1. Here's how to change a Talkyard discussion forum site, to a blog comments site. (Let me know if you run into any problems or if something is confusing?)

      First we'll 111: create/edit a category where blog comments can appear, then 222: type the URL to your blog, and 333: (optional) hide some discussion forum related buttons.

      111: Create/edit a Blog Comments category

      Go to the categories view, https://your-talkyard-site/categories, and click the default category, then click Edit category (just below the category title):

      1. You can rename it "Blog Comments".

      2. Close to the bottom of the dialog, unlist the category and exclude (it) from summaries:

        Unlist both category and topics: Yes
        Exclude from summary emails: Yes, exclude

      You could alternatively create a new category, and make it the default — by default, blog comments topics get placed in the default category.

      (Any other categories? You can delete them, or if there're [embedded comments topics] in them already, you can unlist them, i.e.: Unlist both category and topics: Yes.)

      222: Type the address to the blog

      Go to the admin area, Settings | Embedded comments: /-/admin/settings/embedded-comments.

      In the Allow embedding from field, type the address to your blog, e.g.

      Thereafter some buttons will appear just below. Click the one for the blog platform you use (if you see it), or Something Else, and follow the instructions.

      That should be it. However, some discussion forum related buttons and things are still visible:

      333: Optional: Hide unneeded forum buttons & widgets

      In the Admin Area, Settings | Features (/-/admin/settings/features), disable (un-tick) all these:

      • Enable categories
      • Enable chat
      • Enable direct messages
      • Enable similar topics

      In Customize | Basic, /-/admin/customize/basic, disable these:

      • Show topic filter button
      • Show topic type icons
      • Choose topic type

      (However, it seems disabling the "Show topic filter button" doesn't work — a bug?
      And maybe there should be a setting for removing the Create Topic button.)


      But why can one not just un-tick the Enable discussion forum checkbox? — Because then the Talkyard software would need to do (some of) the above steps itself, which would have meant more source code to write, and tests to create.

      However it'd be nice if, when self-hosted-installing Talkyard, one got to choose if the site should be a discussion forum, or for blog comments. So one didn't need to change from [discussion forum features] to [blog comments].

      1. MMarco Jakobs @marco
          2021-02-15 19:59:32.753Z

          Thank you for the doc, I'll try that tomorrow! :-)

          I also understand the explanation why it can't be turned back off with the checkbox ... but just one really stupid question: What's the purpose of the checkbox then when it's always enabled by default and can't be turned off, even not during initial installation? ;-)

          1. What's the purpose of the checkbox then when it's always enabled by default

            Actually it's disabled, if signing up for blog comments here via Ty .io.

            (Background: All different forum related features, made people confused, so I hid them, by default, for people who want blog comments only, here at Ty .io. But I was short of time and didn't do this for self hosted installations yet.)