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Talkyard Roadmap 2021

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2021-02-22 19:56:19.889Z2021-11-19 04:24:59.272Z

Here's what seems to be next for Talkyard. in no specific order (except for the headings "Sooner", "Later" etc).
Feedback is welcome; you can add comments below.
Old roadmap: Talkyard Roadmap 2020.


  • Blog comments SSO (Single Sign-On) — done, now code reviewing (end of June 2021) ... oops not yet done (Nov 2021).

  • Blog comments multiple iframes at the same time, optionally — done
    (Oops I did this in the wrong order — if I had know this'd take that long, I'd postponed it. But now almost done.)

  • Make it possible to translate emails. — done, Mars 2021, Talkyard version 0.2021.08.

  • Re-implement tags. Tags + tag values can work as:

    • Traditional content tags.
    • StackOverflow style reputation points, in as many dimensions as you want — update via external API.
    • User badges.

  • Sub categories. (Trying out currently, here at Ty .io) — done, Mars 2021, v0.2021.09.

  • Make Azure OIDC B2C work — currently only B2B works, see: Azure AD B2C, no UserInfo URL


  • Improvements for Schools and Teachers: Improvements for Teachers and Students.
    Includes: invite links with pre-defined group membership, user badges, anonymous questions, etcetera.

  • Outgoing web hooks.

  • Topic priorities. Namely: Critical-Urgent, Important-Sooner, Important-Later, Drawer, Attic, Avoid.
    Inspired by Kubernetes (except for prios Drawer, Attic, Avoid). In the "distant future", you'll be able to rename the prio levels.

  • Improve the UX, fix bugs / annoyances: Potential UX improvements

  • Automatic HTTPS for self hosted installations. (Trying this out since 2021-02-24, here at Ty .io)
    (www talkyard cert serial nr: 04:1C:17:EE:50:3F:5A:20:7E:0F:2E:78:C3:6C:80:E6:40:AD)
    oops, June 2021: there's a bug: Self hosted bug: Auto cert renewal Lua problem (Certbot is fine).


  • Nice integration via outgoing webhooks with Clickup?

  • Basic theming. User friendly way to edit colors and make one's Talkyard site look like a part of one's website. Slightly started.

  • Postpone topics. Topic reminders.

  • Embed forum and categories in an <iframe>. (Currently only blog comments can be embedded.)


  • New topic type: Event. So you can add events to your community, with location, date-time. Maybe RSVP.

  • Rich text WYSIWYG editor. Non-tech people think Markdown+preview is confusing. Use ProseMirror — it can switch between Markdown and rich-text-WYSIWYG.

  • Mobile app notifications and desktop notifications

  • Offline-first support, e.g. reading and replying, although one's laptop is offline

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