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Discounts for non-profits and development countries

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290 / month


29 / month

Almost Free

1.9 / month

Dedicated server,
hosted by us,
or on-premise.

Commercial license,
in case you cannot use AGPL open source software.

15 admins*

Unlimited members

500k page views

50 GB file storage

5 admins*

Unlimited members

100k page views

5GB file storage

Max 10 000 replies,
150 topics per month

The Growing add-on:
+5 admins, +100k views,
+5 GB storage, +150 topics
for +€39/month

5 admins*

Unlimited members

50k page views

200 MB file storage

Max 1 000 replies,
30 topics per month

The Disk add-on:
+4.8 GB storage
for +€4/month

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Free trial
One month

Free trial
One month

Free trial
One month

Prices are excluding VAT.

* An admin is a forum administrator or moderator. They can moderate contents and approve new members. Admins can edit site settings.

Stop paying at any time

... without contacting us. We'd appreciate if you contact us though and tell us why you cancel.


Short of money? Contact us and write a bit about what you're doing and where you live — you might be eligible for discounts:

  • Up to 67% for developing countries, e.g. €10 instead of €30.

  • Up to 50% additional discounts for non-commercial organizations and hobbyists.

  • No discounts on the Almost Free plan.

Go over the limits — it's fine

We'll contact you and tell you when it's time to upgrade to the next price plan.
Then you can do that, when you have time, within two months.

Free trial

One month.

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