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How to load comments dynamically on a JS app?

By Dashamir Hoxha @dashohoxha
    2021-04-02 04:57:52.404Z

    I have an app whose content is updated with JS (AJAX). I would like the comments to be updated too when the content is updated. First of all, I can use a data-discussion-id to specify the comments that should be loaded. But I don't see how to refresh or reload the comments.

    Currently the comments are in disqus and the implementation looks like this:

    Any idea about how to do the same thing with TY?

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    1. Dashamir Hoxha @dashohoxha
        2021-04-04 00:06:13.418Z

        Never mind. I found some way to make it work:

        I am not sure if this is the best way, and I see some error messages on the console, but it seems to work anyway.

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        2. @dashohoxha closed this topic 2021-04-04 00:06:42.419Z.