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What is considered a "topic" in the pricing plans?

By @fas
    2021-04-15 13:52:52.218Z

    In the baby plan there are 25 topics included. Would this question for example be considered a "topic".

    Thanks for clarifying.

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Yes, each forum post (each separate page / discussion) is a "topic". This'll change to 30 soon, meaning, in the "Almost Free" plan, one's visitors can post topics on an average once a day.

      And if a single quite inquisitive person posts more than (undecided) 3 (?) topics, say, 30, then that still counts as only 3 topics. Or if, for example, and admin creates 100 documentation pages, then that counts as 3.

      (Any thoughts about this?)


      What's a less ambiguous word than "Topic"? What would you call a new discussion page in a forum? Maybe "forum post"? Or "forum thread"?

      What about blogs — then it's "blog post" instead?

      Or wikis — then "wiki page" is better than "wiki post"?

      What does "topic" usually mean to you