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TalkYard is incorrectly scrolling all blog posts to comments

By Michael Lynch @michael
    2021-04-23 18:52:46.733Z

    A bad bug seems to have slipped through to TalkYard's production servers. My blog uses TalkYard for blog comments, but every page the user visits, TalkYard immediately scrolls down to the comments, even if there is no comment ID in the URL bar. If I disable scripts from, the issue goes away. I can reproduce this on both Firefox and Chrome on Win10.

    See this video for an example of the behavior:

    Solved in post #3, click to view
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    1. Thanks for the video. I can reproduce on my blog too. I'll have a look tomorrow. Sorry for the troubles

      (I upgraded Prod earlier today — I suppose it's something in the new version.)

      1. Seems I've found the problem: it's Talkyard now auto focusing the <div> with the Original Post and replies, so that, in a discussion forum, the Page Down and Page Up etc scroll buttons will work directly. (Because of the left and right sidebars and the bottom editor, in Ty, the actual discussion is in its own <div> that wants to be focused, for the scroll buttons to work)

        But this shouldn't be done, for a blog comments page (because then the browser jumps to the focused element, that is, down to the blog comments).

        I'll deploy a fix to Prod tomorrow morning, & will add an e2e test so this bug won't come back.

      2. In reply tomichael:

        Now I just upgraded Prod with the fix — the problem should be gone now (& I can no longer reproduce it)

        1. Michael Lynch @michael
            2021-04-24 18:29:16.876Z

            Confirmed, thanks @KajMagnus!