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Feature request: ability to add tags directly in the message composer

Right now, to use tags one needs to first create a message and then edit the tags via "Add/remove tags".
I think it's a poor UX choice, especially in the case (like mine) when one wants to keep a low number of categories and leverage tags for the organization of the discussions.

Is there a chance to have a place to set the tags directly in the compose panel?

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  1. Yes I think that's a good idea. The editor should let one pick tags, and also choose if one wants to be anonymous (for sites that allow that). I could look into creating a design for both those things at the same time

    keep a low number of categories and leverage tags

    Do you use tags currently in Talkyard? (I've slightly started a refactoring of how the tags are implemented — there'll be tag hierarchies, and optionally tags with values too, e.g. assigned-to: username tags)

    (I changed the title from "message panel" to "message composer")

    1. SAndrea Ghensi @sanzoghenzo
        2021-05-05 07:24:13.955Z


        I just started the server, so there's not much in it yet; but our plans are to use tags as much as we can (something like StackOverflow).
        This is because we don't want the user spend time to decide in which category a question fits, and to keep the maintenance low (less checks and moves between categories).

        1. Ok :- ) Who, in your case, should be allowed to create new tags?

          And rename a tag? Or maybe merge closely related tags into each other? (What about a configurable trust level, e.g. Full Members, or Core Members?)

          And add tags to a topic? — At least the topic author, apparently, looking at the Original Post here.

          Who may remove tags? (What about the topic author, and another configurable trust level?)

          1. SAndrea Ghensi @sanzoghenzo
              2021-05-05 08:17:32.388Z

              Since we cannot find a way to create new tags without assigning them to a message, we are deferring the creation to the author;
              I know it's a double edged sword, but if the tag creation can suggest similar already used tags it can be a contained risk... and helps the community adapt to new topics with low (at least I hope) maintenance.

              I'd say your suggestions are good: a trust level to manage tags (rename, merge, etc) and author+trust level for adding and removing tags to/from a topic.

              1. AAndré Caldas @andrecaldas
                  2021-12-05 10:15:22.871Z

                  You don't really need to assign the tag to some message. You can create the tag and not click "save". The tag will be created without being assigned.

                  1. That's actually a somewhat recent change — I refactored the tags system some months ago.

                    There's another maybe more intuitive way to create tag types (without assigning them to any topic): Go to the https://server addr/-/tags page, and click Create Tag at the top of the page. (That page is a work in progress — it'll look better, & more features, later)

                • In reply toKajMagnus:
                  AAndré Caldas @andrecaldas
                    2021-12-05 10:18:25.626Z

                    Hello, Magnus!!!

                    Is it possible to rename a tag? This is how I ended up here in this post... looking for a way to edit tags. :-)

                    1. Hi André, not right now. There's going to be though. — There's a tag management page: /-/tags (accessible only to mods & admins), where you'll be able to click a tag type, and rename it (and configure it in other ways too). But currently it just lists all tag types.

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