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Deleting one's own posts

By @marcel
    2021-06-08 00:11:03.157Z

    How come non-admin users can't delete their posts? Is there a way I (the admin) can change that?

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    1. I forgot to implement. (One can delete one's own replies, but not one's own new pages.)

      I'll add a Delete button, in the Change ... dropdown. Probably one will be able to delete a page only if no one has replied yet — and if someone has replied, one can delete the Original Post only. That'd create a funny looking page, with a title, then emptiness, then some replies — and I suppose that's how it'll need to be, since ordinary members cannot delete other's replies.

      1. Now one can delete one's own pages, unless someone has replied.

        However, currently only admins & mods can undelete. Will fix, so one can undelete one's own page if one deleted it oneself.

        1. M@marcel
            2021-06-21 14:24:41.099Z

            Thanks Magnus, but I don't see it! 🤷

            1. Did you click Change ... on this page? Then there's no Delete button because someone (i.e. I) has replied here already.

              Maybe it could still be there, and there could be a tooltip like "You cannot delete this page because someone has replied".

              And, later, it could be enabled, always, but one could delete one's own Original Post already. That's how I'd like it to work but didn't have enough time yet.

              However if you create a "Test i'll delete this" forum post, and then you delete it directly — that should work.

              1. M@marcel
                  2021-06-21 16:14:38.897Z

                  Alright, I found it. Thanks!

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