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HD space smaller then expected. Wrong number of total members and posts

By @Mr.Nobody
    2021-08-18 18:53:45.053Z

    I am using the "almost free" trial to test out Talkyard, and the system displays wrong number of members and posts in the dashboard (/-/admin/dashboard)

    Should be 2 users and 5 topics
    EDIT: just noticed that the storage space is also wrong, should be "...of 250mb" instead of "...of 70mb"

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Hi @Mr.Nobody, thanks for reporting.

      Members: The 15 members includes 10 built-in groups and 3 built-in users (the groups Everyone, Basic Members, ... , and users System, Sysbot, and the Unknown Stranger).

      Pages: About the pages: There're some auto generated pages, from when the site got created: 5 sample topics (which you might have deleted — however they then get soft-deleted; they're still in the database, and can be undeleted). Plus 1 topic per category, for the category description — that means 5, for the Ideas, Questions, General, Staff categories and a Root category), and 1 for the forum topic index page. That's 11 auto generated pages, + 5 = 16.

      Anyway this seems confusing to me; I think the built-in users and groups, and sample topics, and per-category pages, should probably be excluded from the site size numbers. I'll set this topic to "Plan to do", i.e. plan to exclude that stuff.

      About the storage, I'm supposed to quickly have a look at each new site, and thereafter bump the disk storage to 250 — I just did that now, so now you should see 250 MB. (Hmm, how this works, should probably be clarified, somewhere.)

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      1. @Mr.Nobody
          2021-08-19 18:46:57.420Z

          ah yeah, that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying :)

          I will update this post's text a bit, so it might better help others in the future.

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        • @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2021-08-19 13:17:40.986Z.