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Talkyard v0.2021.23

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2021-08-21 05:31:17.622Z2021-08-25 08:02:47.736Z

New Talkyard version, new features and fixes:

  • Idea tracking / Feature upvoting categories, check out: the Ideas category here in the forum — when you switch to that category, the topics get sorted by popular-first, and you see how many Likes the Original Post (the actual idea) has gotten.
    (You'll notice that the ideas are not strictly sorted by most-likes only, instead, it's which ideas got the most Likes during the last month or quarter or year (there's a dropdown so you can choose).)

    Other categories remain sorted by new & recently-active pages first — so, in the Announcements category, you'll still find the most recent release notes first (rather than the most popular release notes).

    To change a category to an Upvotes category (or actually "Do-it" votes, as these votes are called in Talkyard), go to the category, click Edit Category and tick the "Upvote ideas" checkbox a bit down.

  • Now the API endpoints does not require any XSRF token, if the requester is not logged in. So you can search for publicly visible pages, without needing any password or XSRF token:

    curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{
      "searchQuery": { "freetext": "how climb trees" },
      "pretty": true

    But if you include any credentials (cookies, -b 'aCookie=aValue' in cURL), the request will get denied (to stop XSRF).

  • Emails translated to German (thanks Sascha Z!). (But no the email subject lines, only the text inside, sorry)

  • Minor UX improvement: The editor </> button now inserts a code block (triple backticks, ```), because many people otherwise don't know how that works, and if a code block doesn't get formatted properly, it can be hard to read. And, ``` happens works for formatting inline code too. So, just a single backtick, `, instead of ``` for inline code, now in a way is a "power user feature".

  • Minor UX change: Category name and description now placed above topic list filter buttons.

  • Fix: Now one can un-delete one's own page, if one deleted it oneselef. (But not if a moderator deleted it.)

  • Emails: If someone tries to reply-via-email to a notification email from Talkyard (which is not supported), then, Talkyard can send another email and tell him/her that s/he cannot reply via email, and that s/he needs to reply via the forum instead, & there'll be a 'Reply' link. This is not yet so very tested, will get more tested now soon. — Background: Sometimes people try to reply via email (although the notification emails start with "Do not reply to this email".)

Next versions:

  • User badges / user flairs.

  • The Do API: post a bunch of actions, and an API secret, to /-/v0/do, and Talkyard will do it. Initially only for Like voting pages, and subscribing to notifications.

  • 2 replies
  1. @Mr.Nobody
      2021-08-25 09:15:43.172Z

      really nice update, I love the new voting features, thanks for adding that! <3

      1. C
        In reply toKajMagnus:
        Christian Scheuer @chrscheuer
          2021-08-25 19:47:12.682Z

          Amazing update!!