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Inline CommonMark formatting help

By @Mr.Nobody
    2021-08-24 17:04:13.449Z2022-02-22 11:34:27.059Z

    It would be super helpful for new users to have a shortcut to all the possible formatting options the forum supports. It could be added in the area next to the other editor options:

    I think it doesn't say anywhere that the forum is using Markdown. I think a simple link to A Guide Like This{:target="_blank"} could help new users understand how to use the forum better with tips like:

    [Text to display](link){:target="_blank"}
    Solved in post #11, click to view
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    1. @Mr.Nobody
        2022-02-22 11:29:40.259Z

        hi @KajMagnus , did you get a chance to think about this? Every time I want to post custom links I end up searching for this post again to remember how to post URL's.

        1. Hi @Mr.Nobody nice hearing from you. — Not yet, now I linked to this topic from a more general CommonMark improvement page: Better Markdown support: Built-in LaTeX, syntax highlighting, header IDs, etc

          (Sorry for sometimes being slow with replying. Currently finishing the bookkeeping for the last year, & creating a new website ... Thereafter, back to fixing features etc)

          1. @Mr.Nobody
              2022-02-23 15:37:08.245Z

              all good, just wanted to make sure you saw this :)

              1. Oh, that was good. I had forgotten about it

                1. @Mr.Nobody what do you think about: (or do you know something similar :- ))
                  (It's an in-browser Markdown editor with live inline preview)

                  Probably would be to much work to add StackEdit right now, but maybe some time in the future

                  1. @Mr.Nobody
                      2022-02-23 17:54:07.643Z

                      That looks pretty nice! For me personally just a link to a page explaining all commands would go a long way since most users don't know that they are supposed to search for "Markdown syntax" and could be faster/easier to implement as to not keep the forum without any help for now.

                      Side-note: and it would be really nice if ALL links to external webpages could open in new tabs by default (or add an option in the configurations to enable this). For example: the link you posted took me out of the forum.

                      1. In reply toKajMagnus:
                          2022-02-23 18:52:51.215Z

                          I just checked again and I dont see an example for tables. Does it support Tables?

                          1. Yes, this works:


                            In their demo editor ( there's a "table" button, although I think it slightly looks like a date picker instead.

                2. In reply toMr.Nobody:

                  Stating with this finally. I have in mind to add a small "Formatting help ..." button, in the editor toolbar, which opens a dialog with text like shown here:

                  Hmm maybe there could be a link to too (or sth like that) (linked in your Original Post) too, for those who want to read more.

                  (Sorry for lots of very late replies)

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                  1. @Mr.Nobody
                      2023-06-26 03:43:09.549Z

                      It looks good! nice new feature :)

                      1. Ok :- ) Thanks for having suggested it

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