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Sorting by Votes issue and clicking on headers to sort

By @Mr.Nobody
    2021-08-25 09:20:32.668Z

    ...the topics get sorted by popular-first

    It does not seem like the posts are being sorted by most votes. Posts with 2 votes staying under posts with 1 vote:

    Also: I think it would feel very intuitive if the user could sort the posts by clicking on the header of the the column [UserReplies], [Activity] and [Votes] (probably using [All Time] as the setting in those cases?)

    Still keep the more advanced filters on top, of course, but being able to click on the headers to sort content is very common in most webpages nowadays and I often click on them expecting something to happen.

    What do you think?

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    1. Most likely there's going to be another sort order, namely "Votes" (meaning, "most votes first").

      Because the "Popular" sort order is confusing, in this case — it tries to find popular discussions, looking at the whole pages, taking into account not only Original Post Like votes into account, but also Like votes on replies in the comments further down. It tries to sort by "How interesting will this be, for you to read, if you start reading the Original Post and the scroll down and continue reading some comments below".

      So, the Votes column shows one thing: Original Post votes. But the Popular sort order, does something else (looks at more things than only the Original Post). The reason it's like that, is that I was a bit short of time and I thought, I'll postpone this (the Votes sort order button) for later.

      An example: in the "Feature consideration: Backlinks" topic (no 2 in the screenshot), there are 10 Likes on comments in the discussion, but the Original Post (the idea itself) has only one Like.

      intuitive if the user could sort the posts by clicking on the header of the the column

      Yes I think so too. Hmm I can probably fix that, together with adding the most-votes-first sort order.

      1. @Mr.Nobody
          2021-08-26 07:50:15.176Z2021-08-26 21:23:12.913Z

          That makes total sense! Now I understand better what the “popular” does, thanks!

          EDIT: and super cool that you put this on the to-do list, thanks!

          1. In reply toKajMagnus:
              2022-04-16 14:44:09.792Z

              Hi @KajMagnus any news on the "click on headers to sort content" feature? Would be nice to have that.

              1. Hi, didn't start with this yet, sorry

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            • @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2021-08-26 04:51:12.159Z.