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Questions about student groups and categories

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2021-10-19 14:24:08.513Z

Hi @vivanov, I'm copying this from the chat — here in this topic there's no 400 limit.

Hi All,
I'm sorry, kindly ask you to explain me or get direct link to description.
Use case:
I'm going to use TalkYard as collobaration place for students.

I sent invites to students
They joined
I sent direct message with personal authenticate data to personal stands
I have many categories at TalkYard
I want to set for students possibility to get some category by default
How to set limit to category or other solution?
Ok, as I undersood - it's can be solved by custom groups.
But how to set priority to some category to some group?

Or it should be solved by another way?

Thank you for assists.

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  1. Hi you who wrote the question (here you can reply, no 400 limit), and Vitaliy @vivanov,

    If I understand this correctly:

    There'll be a Talkyard forum for students.

    Each group of students, say, a class, will have their own category.

    This is supported, via custom groups, like you noticed.

    When inviting students, you can specify which custom group they should get added to. I'll write some docs about this.

    When a student posts a topic, should it appear in his/her group's category?

    This would be a per group default category? That's not yet supported. Seems like a good idea though.

    A per student group custom "landing page"?

    After having joined via the invites,
    maybe each student should get sent to a "home page" for his/her student group? (Rather than a default page for everyone?)
    I don't remember if this has been implemented (I could a look).

    Should a categories be visible only for its own students?

    That's doable via the permission system — if you're admin, and you click Edit Category, when in the relevant category, and then click the Permissions tab.

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