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How can i nest categories the same way that Talkyard does for announcements?

By Joe Linoff @jlinoff
    2021-10-22 18:14:31.052Z

    I would like to duplicate the hierarchy that Talkyard displays for announcements with nested categories as shown below.

    But i don't know how to do that.

    Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. @Mr.Nobody
        2021-10-24 20:10:08.275Z

        This is where you find it (my forum has a dark theme):

        If this solves your question, please select this comment as an answer to your topic.

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        1. JJoe Linoff @jlinoff
            2021-10-25 23:16:19.809Z

            When we updated, your instructions worked perfectly. Thank you again.

          • J
            In reply tojlinoff:
            Joe Linoff @jlinoff
              2021-10-25 16:11:51.911Z2021-10-25 18:48:23.097Z

              Thank you for the quick response and the clear explanation.

              1. J
                In reply tojlinoff:
                Joe Linoff @jlinoff
                  2021-10-25 16:25:53.457Z

                  Sadly when i tried the above suggestion, i could not find a "Parent" option.

                  We are using an older version of talkyard, could that be the reason?

                  Build info:
                  docker tag: v0.2021.30-463dc6017
                  app version: v0.2021.30
                  git revision: 463dc6017107704d196ac590c1e9d6aa238cb1bb
                  git branch: release
                  git last commit date: "2021-10-15T05:15:38Z"
                  scala version: 2.12.12
                  sbt version: 1.5.5
                  1. We are using an older version of talkyard, could that be the reason?

                    It'd be good to upgrade to v0.2021.29 at least — there was a security fix recently, affecting self hosted sites (only), and related to password reset emails.

                    Sub categories got added in Mars (this year) — in version v0.2021.10. The Build Info you copy-pasted — is that from your server or from here at Ty .io? v0.2021.30 is the current version.

                    Looking at the screenshot, it does seem as if the server is old. There should also be an "Upvote questions" checkbox just below the "Default topic type" dropdown. (This is an even newer feature — have a look in the Ideas category here — that's with "Upvotes" enabled.)

                    Can I ask what are your thoughts about automatic vs manual upgrades? (It seems to me you're running without automatic upgrades enabled, and I'm curious about reasons for and against auto upgrades from your perspective)

                    1. JJoe Linoff @jlinoff
                        2021-10-25 18:54:10.067Z

                        Thank you that makes sense.

                        **is that from your server **

                        Can I ask what are your thoughts about automatic vs manual upgrades?
                        Of course, i am happy to help in any way. i think that this is a great project.

                        i prefer automatic upgrades but the maintenance of talkyard in our company is supported by another group.
                        I do not know know why the group that owns it did not choose automatic upgrades but i suspect that they want to be able to test it locally.

                        1. @Mr.Nobody
                            2021-10-26 15:28:16.114Z

                            @jlinoff are you sure paying a third party to manage a self-hosted server is better+cheaper than using the paid plans found at Talkyard?

                            I prefer these Pricing options because:

                            1. the "almost free" costs only 1.90 USD / month.
                            2. It is less headache, always updated, secure.
                            3. Loading speeds are usually better, and this is important since google rewards loading speeds with better search rankings. To have similar loading speeds you have to host it on amazon s3 with cloudfront (or equivalent).
                            4. It helps support the project/developer, which helps bring new features sooner.

                            From my experience, self hosted solutions end up being more expensive than having something that is always online and always updated. Talkyard gets updated quite often, so you will end up having to pay for updates quite often (once per month from what I've seen so far). I think the self-hosted option is better suited for big companies that have a dedicated in-house IT-team and might want to customize the source-code.
                            Third parties end up working for multiple companies at the same time and managing multiple different types of software, never really specializing on one solution (which is probably why they "forgot" to install the updates or just disabled them so it is less work).

                            PS: I do not work for Talkyard, this just my personal opinion based on my experience with third party companies of this kind.

                            1. JJoe Linoff @jlinoff
                                2021-10-26 17:37:14.450Z

                                Thank you, you raise some excellent points but the assumption that we are paying a third party to manage talkyard is not correct. It is managed by another group in our company.

                                Our group requested talkyard and left the implementation up to another group in the company. Actually, to be more accurate, we were required to have the other group do the implementation. It was not a choice. I imagine this is the case for many corporations.

                                I do not know why they chose to host internally but if i were to guess, my guess would be that they were concerned about security but i really need to emphasize that i do not know.

                                I will pass along your suggestions.