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Feedback from a user to my site: iPhone commenting difficult

By Jade Rubick @jaderubick
    2021-11-23 15:35:49.512Z

    "By the way, I tried to leave a comment on the site but the comment plug-in kept bouncing the view all over the place on my iPhone. I think it was trying to show the comment preview on each edit, but it made it pretty difficult to type out a response."


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    1. Thanks for the feedback — you don't happen to know the dimensions of the iPhone? Would it be weird to ask him/her? (The iOS and Safari version might be good to know too, if you're going to ask in any case)

      (I could experiment with different resolutions, and try to reproduce — it'd be simpler to just start with the correct dimensions though :- ) and I'd know if it'd been fixed, for that particular person.)

      1. JJade Rubick @jaderubick
          2021-11-24 01:51:24.333Z

          If I knew them better I would feel comfortable asking, but I don't in this case. Sorry!

          1. Ok.

            I think it was trying to show the comment preview on each edit

            Yes that's probably it. I think Ty should probably stop doing this — and not show the preview, until one is about to submit the reply (or one clicks "Show preview" of course).

            I just now felt mildly annoyed myself,  on a laptop, when I started typing a reply, and Talkyard decided to scroll down to a preview of my reply — but then I could no longer see what I was replying to. On mobile phones, this annoying thing would happen a lot (because when Ty scrolls to the preview, the post one is replying to, almost always would disappear out of sight, since mobiles are so small. But less noticeable on a laptop).

            I changed this topic to a Problem, status Plan to fix.

            As a workaround, s/he (your blog visitor) can click the name in the "Replying to (a name)" text — then Ty scrolls up to the post one is replying to, and won't scroll down to the preview any more (until one clicks Show Perview).

        • Progress
          with handling this problem
        • @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2021-12-06 06:11:30.254Z.