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Translation to French

By cilex-ft @cilex_ft
    2022-01-08 03:31:02.797Z


    I've installed Talkyard on our servers (in a LXD container, with Caddy as Reverse) , and integrated to Comments on our brand new Hugo Blog. It's been rather smooth...

    How can we give back and translate to French ?

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    1. How to translate — check out: (steps 1, 2, 3 — it takes ... Maybe half a day or a day? to translate to a new language)

      There's also a Contributors License Agreement:

      Nice that you have in mind to translate, French has been missing I've been thinking :- )

      (Is it ok if I ask what's the address to the blog?)


      How interesting that you're using LXD — what are the main reasons you use LXD if I may ask?

      I wonder how you like LXD compared with Docker? (if you've tried both) And what host OS you use, if I may ask?

      1. Ccilex-ft @cilex_ft
          2022-01-10 17:25:00.385Z

          OK, so that's not too heavy... 1 day is fine for me. How do I validate the CLA ?

          The blog is not totally finished, I still have to fixe 2-3 things before it goes public... it has to be OK this week.

          LXD: we've used VMWare for a long time, and it was overkill - not enough VMs on a host. I've tried to use Docker, but I find it impossible to enter its philosophy (last Friday I went mad because docker-compose restart just doesn't, well,restart the containers and you have to use --build). To me Docker is totally opaque and I just can't understand / imagine what's happening inside. As we want to have a solid grip about starting things inside, and security, and other topics... well we were happy to find LXD. We run 100s of containers on rater low-end and cheap servers - hosts run Ubuntu, too (and our workstations do, too - no M$ licences!)

          1. Hi, here's how to sign the CLA: (namely by writing in the commit message that you agree to the CLA, and linking to the CLA).

            Interesting to hear about LXD. Makes me want to take a closer look; in my case, primarily for my laptop(s) and softw development. — About docker-compose restart: That's bitten me too. Sometimes it "works" (it picks up all changes I've made), if the container mounts the relevant directories and recompiles as needed — whilst in other cases, without rebuild, just nothing happens, and it's sometimes taken me an annoying while to figure out why the changes I'm making in the files, didn't have any effect.

            100s of containers on rater low-end and cheap servers

            Sounds good :- ) Makes me wonder how much RAM the host machines have? (Could 32 or 64 GB be enough?)

            1. Ccilex-ft @cilex_ft
                2022-01-12 19:35:53.469Z

                We use LXD for dev and production, works really well... Right now we run our main servers on some Public Cloud servers : one host has 40 full unbuntu 18 containers in 36 Gb (and 16 virtual cores) - another one 80 containers with 60 Gb and 16 vcores. We're moving these containers between these servers (from a previous provider to new one) with a short downtime and zero worries. We juste had to adjust some things (have a server with an apt-cache, set random hours for crons to avoid all servers running apt update alltogether...) - but nothing really weird. Same on our quite light laptops and workstations, many containers, zoro worries.

                It receives no hype, but it's really a good workhorse.

                Send me an email if you want more details!

              • In reply tocilex_ft:
                  2022-06-14 14:57:27.149Z

                  I would be interested to have my instance translated in french also: did you find the time to commit something ? Can I help ?


                • In reply toKajMagnus:
                  Ccilex-ft @cilex_ft
                    2022-01-12 15:13:54.320Z

                    The blog is at (and I still have a bunch of CRS to fix among other things)

                    1. Ok, thanks