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Headers don't have IDs?

By Liam Perez @liam0014
    2022-01-14 19:00:35.737Z


    It doesn't look like the markdown headers like the below have default IDs assigned to them, meaning I cannot create a contents within a page or link to specific sections of a page.
    It also doesn't look as if the markdown used in talkyard supports setting custom header IDs


    Details on the markdown that I was hoping to use in an article:

    Do let me know if I'm missing something and thanks for taking the time to review my post.

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    1. Currently none of that works.

      I found: — how does it compare with what you're looking for? (To me it seems like it does what you want, but maybe I'd better ask anyway.)

      And also: — for custom header IDs: # Some Header { #custom-id }.

      These things (i.e. auto generated headers, and custom IDs) seems like good to have enabled by default, in Ty. After all, GitHub Pages, Docusaurus (which I'm starting to like :- )), Ghost, Hugo all support this (looking at e.g.: and

      For now, this: <h2 id="abcd">Header with ID abcd</h2> should be a workaround:

      Header with ID abcd

      And a link to the header: <a href="#abcd">the link</a>

      the link

      1. LLiam Perez @liam0014
          2022-01-20 09:06:37.279Z

          The last part works how I need it, so this is great. I didn't know or consider typing in the HTML directly could get what I wanted.
          Thank you :D

          1. Ok :- )   B.t.w. Talkyard uses CommonMark which supports writing HTML in a Markdown document (like you're doing now, with the links), ...

            ... and to some extent supports writing Markdown inside HTML, look:
            <b>*html_bold_markdown_italcis*</b> renders to: html_bold_markdown_italcis. But usually that just makes me confused, and I try to not place Markdown in HTML like that (e.g. I think line breaks can make the CommonMark parser disagree with you about what's HTML and what's Markdown).

            Anyway, I marked this topic Plan-to-do (i.e. auto generated IDs and { #custom-id-shorthand } — then [Heading IDs](#heading-ids) ToC links should just work).

        • Progress
          with doing this idea
        • @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2022-01-15 10:46:07.867Z.