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java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space and 502 Bad Gateway [TyE502BGW]

By Noor Basha MS @noor_basha
    2022-01-19 07:07:20.755Z2022-01-19 10:04:31.051Z

    Hi Talkyard team,

    i am facing some issue while installing the talk yard.

    1. facing out of memory error as mentioned in question title
    502 Bad Gateway [TyE502BGW]
    Talkyard's Nginx server cannot connect to Talkyard's application server.
    Is the application server not running, or is there some network error?
    Please check if the 'app' Docker container is running:  'docker-compose ps'
    If it's not running:
    - Start it:  'docker-compose start app'. Then wait a few seconds and reload this page.
    - Or login in a Bash shell:  'docker-compose run --rm --service-ports app bash'
    If it is running:
    - Check the logs:  'docker-compose logs'
    - Only Play's logs: 'docker-compose logs app'
    - Or jump into the container:  'docker-compose exec app bash'

    even i checked the containers it is up and running but still i am facing this issue. Can you please help on this. Thanks

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    1. How much memory does the server have?

      It seems the application server has exited, because of too little memory. Then, Nginx cannot connect to it, and replies with status 502 Bad Gateway.

      1. NNoor Basha MS @noor_basha
          2022-01-19 14:58:43.909Z

          Hi KajMagnus, thanks for quick replay, available size is ROM is 431GB and RAM 32GB, but still it is throwing 502 Bad Gateway

          1. That's a lot — and some of this memory needs to be made available to the application server Docker container, otherwise it'll try to use barely nothing. You can do that, by editing this file:


            and edit the PLAY_HEAP_MEMORY_MB: ... line. Thereafter:

            docker-compose restart app

            Hmm maybe I should change the default value then.

            What if you copy-paste that ... override.yml file here? Then I could see, what didn't work in your case. Or if you just type the container names and MB values