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Created last and last edit date showing like -1234756s seconds ago.

By Noor Basha MS @noor_basha
    2022-01-20 08:12:44.677Z

    Created date is not correct in the installed talk yard, did i am missing anything please can anyone help on this. Thanks in advance

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    1. Hmm in what time zone are you? I wonder if some part of Ty adds the time zone offset, and another doesn't.

      Because -11868 seconds ago, would be about 3 hours 15 min in the future.

      What's the server time zone settings? (Ty wants the server to use UTC.)

      1. NNoor Basha MS @noor_basha
          2022-01-20 09:19:50.318Z

          Hi @KajMagnus thanks for quick replay it is IST in my server

          1. Sorry for the late reply. I'll mark this as "plan to fix".

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          with handling this problem
        • @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2022-02-15 03:53:35.961Z.