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Make [how replies are collapsed] configurable; add keyboard shortcuts

By @Mr.Nobody
    2022-02-24 20:29:33.911Z

    @KajMagnus , is there a way to allow users to "hide" all replies under a comment to jump to the next reply to a topic?

    If not, can I request this as a feature? Sometimes I don't want to see all comments expanded when threads get very long.

    thanks :)

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    1. Yes, it's a good feature request. It's sort of planned already — partly because I want it myself, and partly because others have asked about ways to customize which comments are expanded, and which one's are collapsed. E.g. by default showing the first 3 replies to each reply, the others being collapsed.

      & there'll be shortcuts too, like in Vi and Gmail so one can collapse the current subthread, and navigate one step down to the next reply.

      I'll change the title from "Can replies be collapsed?" to "Make [how replies are collapsed] configurable, add keyboard shortcuts" — so, now it's a feature request :- )