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Patreon Member Exclusive Commenting

By JC @Flyer777
    2022-02-25 19:47:17.448Z

    I'd like to restrict members of our comment section to Patreon supporters. Is that possible, and how might one approach it?

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    1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2022-03-30 06:59:20.460Z2022-03-30 07:05:29.254Z

      There's currently no direct integration — however, if it in your case makes sense to do things semi manually:

      You could create a custom group:

      1. Go to https:// your ty site /-/groups/
      2. Click Create group and name the new group Patreon Supporters.
      3. Add each supporter manually to that group (which might work if they aren't too many I suppose).

      And, enable forum features: (this'll enable categories and permissions)

      1. Go to https:// your ty site /-/admin/settings/features
      2. Tick Enable discussion forum and click save.

      Now, configure permissions:

      1. Go to the categories list page: /categories, click the Blog Comments category (or maybe it's called Embedded Comments).
      2. Click Edit Category (just below the Blog Comments category title in the middle).
      3. In the category settings dialog, switch to the Security tab.
      4. Un-select Post replies for Everyone.
      5. Click Add ... below, and select your new group — it'll get the default permissions, which include posting replies.
      6. Then click Save (to save the new category permissions).

      Now, not everyone, but only the Patreon supporters can post comments (and mods & admins).