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Is is possible to run talkyard as a subdirectory of your main site

By Sesquipedality @sesquipedality
    2022-02-27 12:58:03.562Z


    I'm considering setting up talkyard for my site, but looking at the setup instructions, it appears that it expects to run in the root of a webserver. That's not necessarily a problem for me, because it would be deployed behind haproxy in any event, but for internal testing purposes it would probably be more convenient to have it on /comments/ on the main site and use nginx proxy-pass to pass on to the comments server from the static site. Is this configuration feasible, or would it not be supported?

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Running Ty in a subdirectory, like isn't supported. Not any plans to support it. Sorry for the late reply.

      When testing on localhost, I use Docker-Compose and, then one can use different domain names also on localhost (instead of a sub directory), e.g. https://comments.localhost/.

      1. SSesquipedality @sesquipedality
          2022-03-15 09:36:55.924Z

          Thanks for the response. Useful to know.

          1. Ok :- )   (I'll mark my comment above as the answer; then this topic will also get closed)