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Installing Talkyard without Docker

By Niklas @nipos
    2022-03-27 20:02:53.071Z

    Hello there,
    I'm looking for a open-source replacement for my outdated XenForo install and Talkyard seems to fit best.
    Unfortunately,all tries to get it running without Docker have failed so far.
    I know that this is not officially supported and that you don't recommend it,I know the risks and want to do it anyway.
    All the scripts (make up,s/d,s/tyd) seem to only call docker-compose commands and it's horribly complicated to dig through the code this way.
    Any hint which command can start the code that normally runs inside the Docker container is welcome.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Btw,I have no problem with doing a lot of manual adjustments when going that route,I only need it to work in the end.

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    1. Hi Niklas, yes, not supported etc, and even if you get Ty working without Docker, things might break when you try to upgrade.

      in this Dockerfile, there's the command for starting the appliction server:

      (by calling sbt, the Scala Build Tool).

      You'd also need to start OpenResty (Nginx) with the right config — see images/web/ — and the PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch containers.

      What are reasons you'd like to avoid Docker?

      Personally I think it'd be interesting if Ty could buil & run in Nix / NixOS.

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        In reply tonipos:
        Niklas @nipos
          2022-03-30 06:08:21.485Z

          Thank you very much for your help!
          I found that sbc thing yesterday already, let's see how far I can get today :)

          The most important reason against Docker is that I plan to soon migrate my servers to OpenIndiana, a Solaris fork that simply doesn't have Docker.
          Additionally, I have some experience with Docker on Debian and find it too chaotic and complicated, it feels like a read-only blob that I can only start and stop and pray that nothing goes wrong.
          I know there are ways to get into a Docker container and debug or modify stuff, but it's much easier to have everything in the normal filesystem.

          Having native packages is a good idea in my opinion, but I have never looked at NixOS so far (only know that it's similar to GNU Guix, which is really quite cool).
          Maybe, if everything goes right here, I can package it for the OpenIndiana repository as well :)